Friday, October 29, 2010

more leather

some bracelet cuffs for a friends girlfriend, and some deathbands for another friends halloween costume. 230 plus holes/ 5"nails, 32 grommets, at least 4 self inflicted (not on purpose) stabs to my fingers, all sewn by hand, and they weigh almost 8 lbs.each.

happy halloween

we dressed up our daughter as a hamburger and took her to get pumpkins from the pumpkin patch

personal security system

this bad bitch has been living under my seat on my sporty for about a month. i kinda thought it was cool to have her guarding my bike but then i tripped out and had a flash of her coming up and biting my nuts yowch. she's dead now.

Monday, October 25, 2010

leather leather leather

another key chain, a wallet for a friend, a pair of wrist cuffs for my friend that does aztec dancing and i stiffened up his leg rattles too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

tweekers rule!

picked this pile up from some old tweeker relative of a friend. ok, maybe he's not a tweeker but he probably was at some time. this stuff was in the back at the bottom of a storage unit under a bunch of crap that wasn't packed in anything but blankets and crappy boxes. what a mess to get it all out. was worth it cuz tweeker shit is cheap.
mid to late 60's triumph 500 partially dis assembled
67 triumph 650 motor, spare cylinder head with broke fin. i think part of it is chromed.
bunch of spare parts for both motors and some random bits and wiring
exhaust pipes and muffler
large peanut tank w/cool glitter green paint job. little dented but that don't matter
68 or 69 triumph tank
biker jacket- too big for me but mostly good condition size 40. anybody want it?


found this sweet gem on the side of the road the other day. i had to jump out and save it. bell helmet, its all jacked up but it looks cool.

leather cases

i'm making some leather cases. cell phones and knives- with and without belt loops. no designs or artwork on these cause i'm still figuring out how to make sure things fit tight.

leather keychains

so, i made these larger keychains for a couple friends. 2 sided, hand tooled and hand sewn. i like using the grommet for these so that they sit the same as your keys instead of all bulky and perpendicular to your key stack