Tuesday, January 3, 2012

leather belt loop key fob thingys

i made some of these thingys to put on your belt to clip your keys to. a couple are basic, one sided, no sewing. a couple have liners hand sewed inside them made of recycled leather jacket material. the other two are lined with the same leather used to make the outside and hand sewn inside. the ones with liners are more durable than the unsewn ones.

billfold wallet

i made this billfold wallet for one of my little brothers. he's gonna get it for x-mas. he wanted it black and he wanted the SF Giants logo. 2 pockets on right, id pocket on left. hand sewn. one of a kind

guitar strap

guitar strap for my daughters flea market guitar. my wife brought home the patterned fabric that i sewed to a canvas strap. then i made some ends for it and sewed them on. simple.

cat collar

a friend of mine wanted a new collar for his cat. it even has a breakaway section so his cat wont get strangled if it gets caught on something by it's collar.