Sunday, December 30, 2012

pigment protector V-2.0

this is the second prototype pigment protector i made for a tattoo artist/ friend of mine. i think it came out great! it is much simpler than the first version. solid brass hardware and rivets. hand tooled logo at bottom. machine sewn border and burnished edges.

whip holder

i made this for a friend of mine who can whip a can off your head and a cig out of your mouth in one shot (2 moves). this is the second one i've made for him

leather keychain

san jose pentagram for a friend. two layers of leather, hand sewn,simple tooled design

sportster points cover

made a points cover out of some copper sheet laying around at work. cut it to size, beat it with a ball peen hammer on the backside. flipped it over, pressed it flat. then i put it in a bowl of vinegar and salt for a few minutes. pulled it out, let it dry, then buffed out the high spots. repeat like 3 more times, drill holes for mounting- done. i think it looks good, too bad there are no actual points in there.